1)  What is the EZ-Tee?
The EZ-Tee is the newest golf accessory used when you tee off.  The EZ-Tee allows any player to
tee off and retrieve their tee without bending over.
2)  What is the EZ-Putter?  
EZ-Putter is the newest putter with an attached divot tool, magnetic ball marker, and suction
cup end.  These attached accessories allow the user to fix divots, mark their ball, and pick up ball
without any bending over.
Not avaliable at this time.
3)  Where can I order the EZ-Tee and/or the EZ-Putter? There are 2 ways to order:  1)Online- use
PayPal system on the
 EZ-Tee  page. 2) Post mail- print out the mail form and send it to the
address at the bottom of the page. At this time we are unable to take your order over the phone.
4) My EZ-Tee/EZ-Putter is damaged how do I get it fixed?
Visit our guarantee page. It will tell you what to do if it is a manufacturer defect or accidental
Note: We do not replace lost or stolen products
5)  I would like to link to your page who do I contact?
6)  My question is not listed here who can I contact? E-mail us at golf@ez-tee.com
8)  I live outside the continental U.S, can I order the EZ-Tee/EZ-Putter? Yes, but you are
responsible for any extra shipping charges over and above the regular shipping cost.  You are also
responsible for any import tax. E-mail us at golf@ez-tee.com,  please do not use the order now
buttons as it will not add the required duties.  
Mail Order
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Canadian orders click here
Order online on our
EZ-Tee page
,use our mail
order form
For any question not listed below please e-mail us at
golf@ez-tee.com, it is the best and quickest way to contact us.